My personal goal


Up till this moment, I am a man who always play safe in my life. Fairly said, I challenged my life several times but I challenged it safely by abandoning every other ‘disorder’ that may happened. For example, I did not join any sports circles, I reject violin course that my mom lovingly pushed on every holiday (I learned only like months), or learning third language other than English (still seeing my oldself as a retarded by rejecting learning Mandarin, which is my ancestral language by the way), or other such activities and actions that demand time dedication. Honestly, they are now listed as decisions that I regret so much now. 

But, yeah life goes on and regretting something is paniful but solution-free. So, I imagine myself five years later, say been tired of writing my thesis or report and then spending time by writing on my blog, more or less, alike of this shit and say “Ooh I do regret my old fool” or such. I decide to change it. I want to change myself to play fair and square, unleash all of my adrenaline, and breathing my ambitions. I will learn new languages. I have been learning Japanese and now in Intermediate level. So, I believe I would see great intersection with Chinese since Chinese is the root of Japanese afterall. They say that Chinese does not have much grammatical demands, which would be a balance to bountiful characters I will need to learn. I also have started learning French. I don’t know why. I just like it the way it sounds and I think it is cool to be able to speak French while you are in fieldtrip to CERN. Yeah, French with Paris the city of romance, I mean a lot of advanced higher educational institutions and research facilities is another proof of how French could favor me later in my learning or even career, who knows!? 

Well, they say that you cannot learn or dive into something if you have expectations since you will only see it as a tool to obtain something and not seeing the real beauty of progress, the quintessential thing. The truth is, I am holding this expectations as motivation. I believe it is good to have motivation. The same as how every great leader imagine something for their country, say Marthin Luther in his “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up…”. So yeah I do embrace myself with expectations. Afterall, it is up to me to make it happening or not, right? 

I will also continue my jogging habit (fairly said, not habit yet). I will do my best to write sport or healthy activities in my mindset.

Chinese. French. Sports. I am coming! 



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