My Units in ITB

This blog post is meant to be the documentation of my units (shortened from Student Activity Unit) activities on ITB 😀 I guess I would take every minutes from now on to balance learning Japanese, learning Math (haaaa my favorite!), active on units activities, and practicing the life skills needed.

So yeah, finally in the end of term 1 year 1 in ITB, I am a member of certain units which are KMK (Family of Catholic College Student), SEF (Student English Forum), Ubala (Lampung Culture Unit), and UKJ (Japanese Culture Unit). The previous order is the chronology of my unit inauguration. Yeah I found so many pleasures being on those units.

In KMK, I got acquainted to many same-faith friends which is very good to my faith development because we have bond in the community. I attended some SEF meeting, yeah unfortunately only some because it’s on the night and usually raining hits my reasons not to come. I learned critical thinking there and how to create  a solid argument. In UKJ we had fun a lot, no matter what awaits us, like UTS or whatsoever it is. In Ubala, I found my next ‘family’, here in Bandung.

It’s an honor to have you all friends!

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