Graces Among Toughness: Ubala and UKJ

Aduh sorry bahasa gw kecampur-campur ~biarlah ya… 😀 yang jelas lu tau apa maksud gw hehehe..

Well, I also join some other units besides KMK (Family of Catholic College Students) and SEF (Student English Forum), namely Ubala (Lampung Culture Unit) and UKJ (Japanese Culture Unit). So, at first I want to learn Japanese to prepare myself for the language (it’s one of my crazy ambition too to master one language with character alike of pictograph: Chinese, Korean, or Japanese) but if I have been UKJ guy than it means I come to the sekre (the headquarter), but the problem is, the sekre of KMK and UKJ are very near to Ubala. I know I come from Lampung and it’s a super fun to have friends, a lot of friends, from Lampung since they are my family here on Bandung. So I decided to signed up both of UKJ and Ubala, otherwise it would be a public (I mean just among my friends) why I chose UKJ more than Ubala.

After two months from the Open House Unit ITB (an event where many student activity unit open their registration), I got inaugurated as Ubala 2015 and tonight as UKJ 2015. It turns out that UKJ in my mind is not what’s on the field. In case you accuse me of something, hahaha, this post is not a hate speech but just a review of mind. UKJ fulls with many cheerfulness and the caderization is modern, they use a very welcoming games and event while giving us material of the culture itself.  The culture stuffs of UKJ is divided into Manga, Cosplay, Odori (Dance), Language, and Music. But here we come to the matters I thought. The friends are so more getting everythings easy (easy going but too ‘easy’). The unit is misguided by them to be just-for-fun unit and not learning the core culture of Japan. It’s even said that the Language division (the one I thought the most Japan cultured division) is a kind of inactive compared to other divisions. I don’t know about the real fact because some also say that the language division will have some Japanese tutoring, scheduled, and taught by JLPT-rated seniors. Let’s see. I still count on this.

EDIT: Now I have been in UKJ for around two months. Well, I still cannot say much about UKJ because I am not active (anymore) in UKJ and yeaah things are getting little bit of control for Physics so I decided to take my learning time more seriously. I will miss UKJ you know, I really want to be an active member maybe in the second term. Hehe, wish me got enough courage lah.

On Ubala, the caderization is outmoded. The caderization is fulled by mentoring and game (only once). The rest, the seniors play a role in seniority to agitate us (umm, you know like by shouting loudly to us telling us we, the new 2015 generation, is not yet a family, or other marah-marahin stuffs). I believe that this authoritarian mode should be discouraged. It doesn’t give any essence and it even highlights the weakness of our seniors by just proving themselves do not able to give us the material by the correct way like peer group games or other fun focus group discussion and chosing the enforced mode. What mode of caderization is I talked about? They give us a lot of task with consequences if we fail. It is normal but by giving us a ‘choice’ of doing consequences, it embraces the consequences to happen too anyway and the result, our humanly weaknesses confirms that. Many of us, in our bussy days of UTS or academic life fails at doing Ubala task. You know the tasks is killing us. Really. But, people say stop whining ans just strat grinding. I’ll light up the dark for Ubala. Contrary to bad points I highlighted before, Ubala has so many good aspects too. It is technically the only unit I know that performs and conserve the Lampungnese culture. Beside, I really feel like home when being around of my friends from Ubala. I feel like I could be myself. No need to be some kind of weirdos people demand of yourself. The firends are very welcoming. Oh yah, for your information, at the last day of caderization the seniors become our friends, they aplogize personally to behaved badly before. Yeah, you know, it gives added value to my notion that this style of caderization is kind of useless. But again, there might be possibilities that the present me just cannot see the point right now. There might be good things from it.

EDIT: Now I have been in Ubala for around 2 months. Well, I could say that though in the caderization is like the above-said. I found its meanings too. You know,  you are a freshman, wishing to have so many friends and hence you acquainted to new persons every single day, you may have just forgot their names (especially if you do not have something to remember about him/her – too bad!). The must-remember-you-friends-name is a cool thing in Ubala. It simply is because you can ask your friends name again and again for sake of the caderization, or even better, you can quizz your friends name! Haha. Okay, I know this edit is happening because it did to me. I don’t find it’s easy to remember the whole Ubala member by just one month. Forgive my weakness, friends hehe 😀

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