Things I Learned on My First Lab Practice on ITB

Today is very hectic.

Yep, I realized I have to learned technical drawing last night yet it was at 10 pm, it left me with no choice other than keep hitting the down key in my keyboard to hover the .pdfs. In the morning, I have technical drawing lab practice, it was basically introductory course and suppose to be easy (notice that ‘suppose’). I have learned some fundamentals to face the pretest but I did not find any easiness though I have fought my sleepiness (I slept around 1 am and woke up early on 5.30am). The pretest is ten-numbered multiple choice test and actually the questions are basic. What made the test is so stressful is for each question we only had 5 seconds to read the question on slides and answer it. It is a sure fire way to make the test being you-don’t-say stuff. The highest mark on my class is 60 (out of 100). And what makes it worse is, it was not me (haha, what I think of myself? Me just joking). Thank God, I did my best on the measurement posts by taking every chance to answer the preliminary question regarding each measurement tool on that post. For example, what is the function of dial indicator? what makes triobar is more accurate than vernier caliper? what makes ruler made of iron is better than the plastic one? sort of that questions.

After the first lab practice, I went home because I really want to sleep! Badly! I slept and woke up at 11.45am, went out to buy some menus to accompany my lunch, dinner, and tomorrow breakfast. I cooked my own rice using rice cooker :”). Actually it run well up till this point. Then the clock was ticking, I need to be on ITB, again! The chemistry lab practice will give me ‘discount’ if I am late! Thanks but no thanks! I do not want my first lab practice mark got discounted. Actually I still have 25 minutes after I was prepared to walk on foot to ITB till soon I was gob-smacked by the fact that I lost my room keys! Oh myself! (Condemning God is not a good manner, right? hehe). I missed 5 minutes to search rigorously for the key but not found it yet till time gave me only 20 minutes to be on the chemistry lab of ITB, it’s near faculty of mining engineering and it is far from the main gate I could walk on! I should ask my room renter about the secondary key. Another incoming was, the room renter is praying, yeah it’s shalat time and I should take this into account in the future. I was forced to wait around 5 minutes for her to come out. Okay, to make this short, I got the secondary key (but not to my room key locker – it is for the house complex main gate), I run to get the poublic transport and run again on ITB, wearing my lab jacket. Haaaaah! I have never experienced this before!

On the lab practice, I got 100 in journal check – yeay! But another wave of ‘problem’ is coming! The closing test of today’s practice made me puzzled. We are given 15 minutes to solve 4 questions. Actually, they were easy to solved but I got panicked. The result is worse than you could imagine. I missed the highest portion number (40 marks out of 100), I did a mistake in final reaction of redox reaction in acid condition and I forget (yeah this is lame….) to calculate the moles needed. I forget to read the question. But still, I count on the rest numbers of that closing test. Number 1 is easy, three theory of acid-base and examples. Number 2 is too, spontaneity of a reaction and type of that reaction: acid-base, redox, decomposition, single change, double change, etc. Number 4 is analysis problem, it becomes easy too beacuse it is the same as what we practice: determining the chromate ion in a solution, given known basic and acidic change of color in the product of reaction.

I learned something today.

I should prepare the day not in the midnight -> I could have more time to sleep -> I did not need to lost my key, likely -> I should not be panicked on the closing test beacuse I have more time to prepare learning the redox chapter. Well, I know nature doesn’t work as simple as this implication but it is a likeliness. it may sound simple to you but it is a life essence I learned today, hehe. Okay, I am gonna sleep soon, or else I will be on the loop.

I hope you take a lesson too by my story. I don’t exactly know, but I hope, just hope. Thanks for reading.

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