High School and Books

Hi there!

Well, actually I need to finish my chemistry and scientific writing assignments but I found blogging is a good option to release my stress, haha.

Okay. At this moment, I am going to tell you what regrets I find about my high school books. What’s wrong with high school book? The answer is nothing. But as a motivated learner, I found it not so challenging and not so helpful to face, let’s say, international standard.

In abroad, many countries have a two years high school, two years college, and three years university major yet Indonesia have three years high school and four years university major. In college, students are allowed to choose subjects they like – it’s kind of different with Indonesia that forces the students to learn all the curricula of science or social major. I will not debate this because this is not the aim of this post and though we have major in high school yet it’s still not as flexible as that of abroad’s.

Let’s say, you want to be an engineer, it has been your since-childhood passion and you simply just want to learn mathematics, physics, and chemistry, you have two options right now: ignore the ‘uneeded’ subjects at your school curricula or meet the standard our society made about school rank and forget that engineering related stuffs for this moment. I must say, the second options is better, much much better. First of all, to clarify, you do need to pass high school exams and national exams for sure. But, graduated from high school is not a goal of your life, right? University is a sure path that determines the likeliness of your success area. In university, you will learn stuffs that are more advanced than high school’s material – it is better to learn it first on your ‘baper’ or ‘mager’ timezone while you are in high school.

Again, I highlight that this list of books is a good supplement to our Indonesia’s high school curriculum.

Mathematics books (pure math and calculus):

  • Cambridge Internatioanl A Level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics 1. Author: Sophie Goldie. (to understand the new vocabularies of math)
  • GCE Further Mathematics: Further Pure Unit 2 Textbook
  • [Rec] Calculus 9th Edition. Author: Purcell, Varberg, Rigdon. *There is a translation copy of this book in Indonesian, published by Erlangga, consists of two series.

Physcis books:

  • [Rec] Fundamentals of Physics, 10th Edition. Author: Halliday, Resnick, Walker. Publisher: John Wiley and Sons. *There is a translation copy too, published by Erlangga and consists of three series.

Chemistry books:

  • [Rec] Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter, 6th Edition. Author: Brady, Senese, Jespersen. Publisher: John Wiley and Sons.
  • Chemistry, 10th Edition. Author: Raymond Chang. *There is a translation copy too in Indonesian.

Furthermore, do enrich your English skill and harness the fruit of knowledge by learning this books. Good luck!

P.S. These books helped me a lot to face entrance test and some other test.

  • Calculus

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