First Day OSKM ITB 2015


Hi guys! Right now, I am preparing myself for tomorrow’s OSKM, that is, the orientation program for Bandung Institute Technology (ITB) freshman. Well, the talk show given today were awesome and inspiring. Some notes, rephrased by me:

  • It is hard to say our independent is completed. There are still so many remote places do not have power to even light a single bulb. We have to fill the independence of our country, Indonesia, by action – not only by words. To be a change agent, you cannot stand alone. You need other people, work together, and solve the problems in our society.
  • To be a change agent, we need to innovate something to our society. Innovate something which is our passion. Seek for the team (not create, you just need to find people with some desire as yours). Then, execute it immediately, no bullshit like: I’ve been thinking that before them or that was actually my idea. Because your idea is worthless. Really. Your work that counts.
  • There are so many misconception about being a successful college student. To be successful, we need to define our happiness first. Do not go for what society thinks best for you. You (and I) are unique, there cannot be a single soul determine what is you happiness. Build a way from your happiness is the next way. Then, do it with all of your effort.
  • Politics is simple. It is indeed your alternative solution to be a change agent. It may be nasty. It is corrupt. It is full of ego. You have known that, right? And so do I. So change it! You do not want to blame you or your generation to be the apathetic ones. You need politics to voice up your ideas. At least, write your ideas so that it is not forgiven by time.

The notes above presented by Habib Maulana Afif, Mining Engineering ITB 2012; Fauzan Reza Maulana, Civil Engineering ITB 2014; M. Sena Ludphika, Information Technology System ITB 2011; Harry Dharmawan, Flight Engineering 2006; respectively.

The seminars concluded by a great talk by Agathon Chandra, Flight Engineering ITB 2007 who explained to us that university has missions to make the students feel responsible to society, advance the science and technology, and also to be leaders in our country.

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