Are we not independent yet?

Indonesia was celebrating the 70th Independence Day on August 17th, 2015. It was a nice day, I did join the flag ceremony in Bandung Institute of Technology. The motto brought by our government this year is: Let’s Work. I believe that this motto is correct as Indonesia should develop the country well by working. Take a look at South Korea and India who is now developing in great pace. Working (not complaining the govt) is the only solution. But I am not going to talk about the 70th Independence Day of Indonesia right now. I am about to ask us something.


By law, de jure said or de facto said, we are independent from any invaders (there was Portuguese, Spanish, Netherlands, British, and Japanese colonials for more than 350 years). Even, as I said, we celebrated the 70th Independence Day before. But are we really independent?

I mean, you must have seen that there are so many citizens in poverty, in hunger, or do not have access to health, education, and government help services. The economy is still controlled by foreign currency, the Indonesian Rupiah has been rocketing from 10000 IDR for 1 USD to more than 13000 IDR for 1 USD, the inflation is awful, the economic development is now tiring to the lowest pace. Our country’s economy is hallow, it does not supported by the manufactures or other fundamentals. Besides that pathetic facts, the question now tends to be answered by a big no. And yes, you are free to say that but I have another paradigm.

First, speaking about economy, if you say that our economy is not independent, then what country you say independent in economy? Damn! The economy is always dependent! Either for USA, UK, China, Japan, or our developing country Indonesia. You still do not believe it? Okay, have you heard about the near-bankruptcy of Greece? You must have, by this condition, the economy in Europe was shaken greatly. So the conclusion is UK’s economy is dependent, of course by your believed axiom. Another example is Chinese Renminbi (the Yuan), it is greatly affected by USD too last month so that Chinese government decided to lower down the national economic development target. So, is Chine also dependent? My point is that economy will always be dependent. Do not try to be perfectionist to say our economy should be independent.

Second, about the poverty. You may google or just imagine, what country do not have slum areas or beggar in the street? You may answer it by Scandinavian countries which are very developed. But, generally, even USA or UK also have poverty in some sectors.

Are you wrong, now? No. You just cannot find a right choice of word. It is better to say ‘our country is developing’ than ‘our country is not independent yet’. Because we are independent now! Write that down on your brain! Our heroes and diplomats did their very best to achieve it and you said we are still dependent, stupidly? You must be proud of Indonesia. There are many countries that got their independent, for example: Singapore and Malaysia from Britain Commonwealth. We are different from them. We are hard worker, achiever, not asking for pity, and bold. There two cases arouse by my statement.

Firstly noted, Singapore and Malaysia is developing faster than Indonesia now. Why? Does this happening because they got their independent? Okay, I could tell you frankly: No. They were hard working and they are still right now. It is the only reasons they could accelerate faster than us.

Secondly noted, then what do I suggest to make Indonesia better? Here is my answer. If you want to see Indonesia develop faster than them, be the Asian tiger once more time as Indonesia was, then work for it. We do not need smart people who complain about everything. It is better to have a person not so smart but want to dedicate his efforts for this country than that said smart people.

Stop complaining. Your dreams do not count. Your act does count.

I dreamed to see the Great Indonesia as our national anthem says and I am constantly improving myself so that I could be a change agent and I promise I will. This post is a small thing I could do right now but I believe that there are still so many people having a mindset to build this country than complain the government.

I am open to any suggestion, by the way. Thanks for reading.

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