First, change myself (or yourself)

Today I am going to discuss some basic principles on achieving goals in life. I know that you might not want to read this article since I am still learning too here, but let’s say it’s just some tips I gathered from internet. 🙂

Goals. Life. Life becomes a meaningful and worth-struggling if someone has goals or targets in his or her life. The goals may be some simple things or even complicated and one-over-the-world ideas. For example, I have an old friend named Kelly. Once, I asked her what is the goal she wants to achieve in her life (I ask this when we discuss about university major). She answered a plain life goals: being rich and happy forever after. Well, it is not bad since everyone’s standard and perspective is different. Next, the one-over-the-world ideas. There so many great ideas born by ambitious people among us. Joko Widodo, the 7th Indonesia President, dreams of making Indonesia the world maritime axis which could be beneficial to Indonesia from economical and tourism reasons. Mark Zuckerberg dreams of making Internet accessible by everyone on earth.

How significant is having dreams to live for someone? We are alive for a reason. If we convince ourselves that we are just a random result of evolution process, we couldn’t be more wrong. You may view this as a religious view but some scientist are trying to prove that everything in universe is dependent on the others. They said that there is a single equation that controls every nature. It means there is an open possibility of a nuclear bomb if you drop a stone to the water fountain, but of course the possibility is very low so that this case is never reported. The bottom line is I want to emphasize that you may be a variable to other people success or failure. You are here to make a change and there is no better idea for you to achieve something, right?

“If you want to change the world, you have to change yourself first”

Inspiring by this quote, I grabbed a paper and started to write down my dreams when I was in High SchoolI want to be the national gold medalist on Olimpiade Sains Nasional. I want to be a medalist of International Mathematical Olympiad 2015 which held in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015. I want to get the MEXT Scholarship from Japanese Governement. I want to be the next Einsten (ooh wait to good for me, i was kidding).

Today, I see my life as an adventurous story to tell. There are ups and downs. I failed Singapore ASEAN High School Scholarship on 2012 for Indonesian students. I failed to join OSN 2013 when I was in tenth grade. I get a medal on OSN 2014, it is a bronze medal though. I join First Pelatnas (National Training) for IMO but I did not participate in IMO Thailand 2015. I am still waiting for the Japanese Embassy call for interview. But when I ask myself, was it useless to write down my dreams before? The answer is no!

“Dream high because you will be among the stars if you fall” ~ Ir. Soekarno, Indonesian 1st President

I will not be a medalist if I do not dream high. I will not join the MEXT test if I did not browse enough information and did not ask for many friends help. Joko Widodo will not establish the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Issues if he and his transitional team did not dream about Indonesia’s maritime supremacy. Mark Zuckerberg will not create if he never thought about that awesome ideas.

So, has it done yet? No. This is not the last chapter of my adventurous story. I am not even close. It is still the beginning. And the same case applies to you! Believe me, in the last days of this week when I browsed some articles about people’s successful stories, I found the same set of thinking. First, they dream high. Second, they stop whining and start grinding. Third, they harvest their success. Fourth, they dream a higher dream and the cycle keeps running. Let not your past achievements define you in the future or else your cylce will never exist and you just stuck at this point.

Right now, I aim some dreams to achieve. It includes being a medalist on ON-MIPA PT (national mathematics and natural science olympiad for undergraduates) and get the MEXT scholarship. Honestly, there is nothing I could no now for the MEXT test (I am still waiting for the interview call, wish me luck!). But there is many things I need to do for being a medalist.

“It is not about making a big wall, but putting every single brick perfectly as it can be”

But the point of your so-called-impossible is not to make another heavy burden on your days. It is very useful for us as a reminder that we have to fight every single day making our future possible.

Right now, I’m sitting on my rent room, writing down my ideas on one week blog post draft, preparing the interview of my scholarship and chatting with seniors learning Sundanese.

Have a great week!

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