My Weekly Goals (29-31/7/2015)

Okay, I made this post because I love to write down all I want to achieve and make it as my reminders. I decided I need to write some because my previous daily goals for August is: I know Bandung well, the place I will be for university.


Inspired by this meme, I decided that I would make a sub-impossible list here 🙂

For 29-31 September 2015

  • Stuffs prepared
  • Learn Calculus > 1 hour everyday
    • Applications of the Integral
    • Transcendental Functions
    • Techniques of Integration
  • Learn Japanese > 20 mins everyday
    • Master Hiragana by 31 September 2015
  • Workout everyday
    • Early morning walking
    • 7Min workout
      • Push-up > 15 in one set
      • Sit-up > 15 in one set
      • Flip push-up done tirelessly
  • Meditation everyday using Calm
    • Meditation more than once everyday (morning-night)
  • Know (not saying master) how to ride a motorcycle
  • Spend the rest of hours with parents. I will miss them so much in Bandung 😉
  • Do not slouch habit

Okay I think that’s all, it will evolve by time. Wish me luck!

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time” ~Zig Zigdar

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