My Impossible List

What is impossible list? To be short, impossible list consists of everything that you thought to be impossible. In order to arrange the obtainability and type of challenge in your life, you can make some sectors such as education, travel, personal life, etc.

Actually this post must be a personal one, but I have my own reason to make the post online. I will have a reminder that I have to do the things on this list. And it is not just a to-do list or maybe a bucket list, it is more than that, it is my ever-evolving list which lists what I want to achieve on my life and not just stops right that point, this list should include how. Still sounds like a bucket list? This will make it difference. We want to have our own achievement (it may be on your career, education, or maybe just happiness) and right this point all of us just have a future goal. All of things I figured is events in the future – some indefinite time (it may be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or maybe you will run your time out before getting it!). It does not implore us to make action now elaborately.

“It is kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

Current Focuses:

Last Completed Goals:

Last 5 Habit:

  • Scheduled sleeptime (while holidays does not count, yet) and waketime.

Knowledge and Educational Goals:

  • Win a medal on OSN for High School [Bronze of OSN (National Science Olympiad) Mathematics 2014]
  • Passing SEF ITB 2015 Qualification
  • Join an organization comittee at least twice per semester
    • Term 1 (Being Ganesa Open Field Officer on the second day and Bulan Bakti Ubala Methods and Material Division)
  • Learn calculus for undergraduate and fundamentals of physics
  • Learn Japanese
    • 初級 (勉強しましたよ)
    • 中級
    • 上級
  • Learn Physics
    • Mechanics: Introduction to classical mechanics
    • Electrodynamics
    • Thermodynamics
    • Modern physics
  • Physics problem books
    • Mechanics by Yohanes Surya
    • 200 Puzzling Physics Problem by Gnadig et al.
    • Problems and solutions in mechanics by Lim Yung Kuo
    • Problems in general physics by Irodov
    • Problems in physics by Krotov
  • Get tuition fee scholarship from ITB  (I get BIUS or Beasiswa ITB Untuk Semua that covers all my UKT with and extension possibility for the 4-year of academical study, thank God!)
  • Get undergraduate scholarship to Japan via Monbukagakusho (written test is done, waiting for the result), (update Jan 2016: I did it! God and his plans are so awesome!)
  • Accepted in good higher education in Japan. I would really like to strive for UTokyo, Titech, or KyotoU.
  • Be able to speak Japanese well to Japanese friend
  • Be able to read newspaper in Japanese
  • Be able to make instant speech in Japanese with topics about country, social, politics, economy, science.

Fitness/Health Goals

  • Early morning walk routine
  • Morning walk routine during first month in Bandung
  • Weight down by 5 kg on September 2015
  • 2 times running for 5 laps in university field
  • meditation for 5 minutes everyday
  • Do 50 sit-ups in a single set
  • Do 100 push-ups in a single set
  • Run 5k (still stuck on 2.4k)
  • Run 10k
  • Run half marathon
  • Swim 50 meters
  • No more carbonated soft-drink for 6 months
  • No instant noodle for 6 months
  • Scheduled dinner before 6 pm
  • Do Yoga

Professional Goals

  • Update this personal blog twice a week
  • Self publish a book (>10.000 words)

Habit Goals

Rule of thumb: Weekend days can be skipped. Vacations are allowed as rewards. Maybe I will use HabitRPG later as well.

  • Do the morning workout 100 days in a row – Skill: Fitness
  • Meditate for at least 5 minutes 100 days in a row – Skill: Mental Focus. I track with Calm.
  • Learn for at least 2 hours 100 days in a row – Skill: Intelligence (for above Knowledge Goal)
  • Read Bible at least one chapter 100 days in a row – Skill: Religiosity
  • Update my blog once a week before weekend (>1000 words) – Skill: Writing

Creative Goals

  • Publish a sci-fi/fantasy novella (>17.500 words)
  • Create family video using Pinnacle
  • Master basic programming using C++ or Phyton
  • Learn how to play violin (I ever tried this before)
  • Open a YouTube channel and active uploading it (maybe about college life)

Skill Goals

  • Become fluent in English (TOEFL test as indicator)
  • Become fluent in Japanese
  • Complete Adobe Illustrator course
  • Complete Adobe After Effect course
  • Complete Adobe Premiere Pro course
  • Design my own WordPress theme
  • Make my own Android apps (for this blog maybe)
  • Be on university sports team
  • Active on church organization
    • Be the event-organizer
  • Know how to disassemble laptop then resemble it to fully worked laptop again

Fun! and/or “Insane” Goals

  • Dive in Bunaken, Sulawesi and Raja Ampat, Papua
  • Climb a mountain
  • Cave exploration in Java
  • Be on university press (for good thing of course!)
  • Picnic on Bali or Lombok beach
  • Try a go-cart race
  • Be on TV
  • Be a national motivator of education
  • Be a minister of education or minister of research and technology
  • Innovating an alternative energy sources

Travel Goals

Mainly places in Indonesia first:

  • Visit Bandung. [I get into ITB! And I ever join Parahyangan Universisty Mathematics Competition 2014 too :)]
    • Travel around it alone
    • Visit Tangkuban Perahu
    • Visit Lembang 🙂 (KMK went to Villa Ziko)
  • Visit Jakarta.
    • Travel around it alone by Tarnsjakarta and other public transportation
  • Visit Jogjakarta. [Ever competed in Sanatha Dharma University Science Day 2013]
  • Visit Medan.
    • See Toba Lake.
  • Visit Semarang
  • Visit Surabaya
  • Visit Bali
  • Visit Lombok. [OSN 2014 in Lombok]
    • Go to Lombok beach [Senggigi beach]
    • Boating in that beach
    • Travel alone in Lombok
  • Visit Malang [National training here, 1 month full]
  • Visit Singapore [Travel gift from getting into OSN 2014 by my province govt]
    • Merlion, Orchard Road
    • Universal Studios Singapore
    • Travel alone in Singapore
  • Visit Thailand
  • Visit United States
  • Visit Japan (Can’t wait for it!)
  • Visit England
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit 5 countries other than Indonesia for more than a week each
  • Visit another country by my own hard-earned money
  • Visit another country by a international seminar, or competition, and or scholarship

Life Goals (this gonna sounds crazy)

  • Graduate from university
    • Cum-laude graduate
  • Maintain a real love relationship with my amazing girlfriend 😉
  • Be self sufficient on financial term
  • School in another country university (maybe for undergraduate, or master, or etc)
  • Meet Indonesia president and shake his/her hand with fact he/she knows me
  • Meet Pope
  • Having a real friend (not via social network) from another country

Be a long life learner

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” – Robert Heinlein

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