Gabrielle Aplin on my playlist

I think today is kinda hard to find an artist who: 1. does not fulfilling his/her albums by just romantic or love song, 2. good fashion but still nice, and 3. have a good morality. Right?

I usually download the Top 40 UK Charts on torrent sites hoping to get the best musics available on the market. Till 2013, it works but later on welcoming 2015, it does not work anymore. It is full with musics I think inappropriate to my belief and custom. So, I decided to listen what music hits the MTV or iTunes Chart (usually it’s the real best, trust me). But, getting bored with the just so-so music, I am reviewing my Top UK musics I downloaded before. And I think I’ve found my answer! It’s Gabrielle Aplin. Here is she:

Who is she? Gabrielle Aplin (born 10 October 1992) is a British singer-songwriter (I cited her wiki) and her latest album would be Light Up the Dark (it is on pre-order now!). To me, she is a young talented singer whose sing music not only about love but also life in general. You can check out her music on her official web. I haven’t listen to all her albums but I found that English Rain (2013) to be my this-week-playlist. So, I will write down my playlist here (I rated 5 stars, hehe):

  • Evaporate
  • Keep On Walking
  • Home (my favorite!)
  • Panic Cord
  • Please Don’t Say You Love Me
  • Human
  • November
  • The Power Of Love

There are some music on her 2nd CD of English Rain and it’s titled with “The RAK Session”. Actually, I do not know what makes the difference between, for example, “Home” and “Home-The RAK Session” but I will just enjoy her song.

I hope you find her song to be your favorites too :D.

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